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Health Issues

There will be information included here to help you with your child's health, there is information in pdf format for downloading at the bottom of the page.

Tummy bugs, sickness and flu can spread very easily at this time of year. But there is much we can all do to stay well.

Dr Louise Smith, Director of Public Health for NHS Norfolk and Waveney says:

“We urge parents of children who fall ill with sickness and diarrhoea to ensure their children do not return to school until 48 hours after they were last sick or had diarrhoea. We understand entirely how difficult this can be for families, with the pressures of work and issues of childcare to juggle. However it is probably right to say a child who is sick might well have caught the illness from someone who was sent back to school before the infectious period had passed. Our aim, with this advice, is to prevent illness spreading within schools and causing more families distress.”

Follow the link and become a germ buster.

It has information about how to prevent the spread of those germs which cause tummy bugs and flu and what to do if you fall ill. 

Things to remember:

  • Hand washing, particularly after using the toilet, is crucial. You just need hot, soapy water and ensure to make sure that hands are dried well.

  • At home, keep household surfaces clean.

  • Do not share towels if you are unwell and keep them clean.

  • If you have the ‘flu then you can usually treat it yourself with advice from your pharmacist, plenty of fluid and rest

For more information about other common problems click on the information below.