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Duchy of Lancaster

End of Day Procedures

The school day ends at 3:15pm. The teachers in each class will endeavour to make sure this is the time that children are released to parents and carers. Once a child is handed over to a parent/ carer the child becomes the responsibility of that parent/carer. If a child is collected by an unfamiliar adult (to us) or elder sibling we will check that this has been arranged, or they are recorded as someone who can collect. This is to safeguard children, and we have a duty to make sure children are handed over safely. Please support us of this by contacting the school office if an unfamiliar adult is collecting. 

Please help us keep Duchy of Lancaster safe by ensuring your child walks out of school with you. Use of school equipment or climbing on railings is unsafe at this time, and we will seek alternative collection arrangements for any child that repeatedly does this. When possible a member of staff will be on the front playground at this time to monitor. 

The exit from the school playground is directly onto a road with no pavement. We cone off part of the road to stop vehicles obstructing the exit. We have also asked no one to park on either side of the road in front of the school. We are currently working with the local parish and highways to find a safe solution to this. This issue was in the local press.  Make sure you have your children close to you when leaving the school and be aware of large lorries/ farm vehicles using the road. 

We are happy for children in Year 5 and Year 6 to walk home alone. However, we need a permission form signing through the school office for this to happen.  If a child behaves in a way that is inappropriate while travelling between school and home we may ask that this child is collected. Each situation will be considered individually. Possible reasons that would lead to a child being collected are: bullying, damage to property, dangerous and reckless behaviour, damaging the reputation of the school. 

If your child is unable to be collected at 3:15pm we ask that you contact us as soon as possible. This should not be later than 3:10pm. Our child not collected from school policy outlines the practice around this in more detail. However, regular late collection will be recorded as a safeguarding concern and we will need you to take action to ensure your child is collected at 3:15pm.