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'At Trinity Partnership Schools our curriculum is valued, specified, well-sequenced and taught to be remembered'.

At The trinity Partnership we have a rich knowledge based curriculum that is designed to give all pupils, particularly disadvantaged and SEND pupils the knowledge and cultural capital required to succeed in life. We have an English curriculum that ensures pupils will become fluent readers and writers who will be able to confidently access the demands of the secondary school curriculum, this is driven by a canon of culturally important, high-quality texts. 

Our Phonics programme (Sounds Write) is highly specified, carefully sequenced and code knowledge is revisited, so that it is taught to be remembered.   Phonics is taught whole-class and any children who did not fully grasp the learning repeat the lesson / part of the lesson that same day to ensure gaps do not form.  

The wider curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment, it places ‘Powerful Knowledge’ at the heart of what they learn. The knowledge in our curriculum is valued, carefully sequenced, highly specialised and taught to be remembered. It is divided into subjects, History, Geography, Science and Art, recognising the identity of the disciplines we study, fostering a love for subject content that will flourish as children move through the curriculum. Where pupils have SEND the curriculum is adapted, designed and developed to build on their knowledge, skills and abilities whilst fluency and independence. 

"We learnt about GDP which we did not know what it was, now we know it’s about gross domestic product and how much wealth or goods a country has. " 
"We have also learnt about the prime meridian, longitude and latitude and where to find them on a map and where the arctic circle is. " 
"It was good when we had the God and the Big Bang workshop (RE) . There were two people – the lady believed that God made the world and the man was a scientist and believed that the world was made from dust and particles.  We did lots of experiments and talked about whether it was really science or whether it was a miracle ! " 

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Year 1 to Year 6


Reading Canon        Reading Skills        Writing        Sounds Write



Geography, History, Science, Art


Wider Curriculum 

Computing        PE        PSHE       Music       RE