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Duchy of Lancaster

Growth Mindset

At Duchy we value the importance of having the right attitude and Mindset for our learning.

Based on the work of psychologist Carol Dweck, we encourage our children to have a 'Growth Mindset', to help them embrace challenges and learn from setbacks, understanding that the more effort and practice they put in the better they will get.

What are Mindsets?

Mindsets are the way we view what we are capable of doing and achieving, it concerns our attitude and the way we approach life and challenges. Carol Dweck explains mindsets as either a 'Fixed' or 'Growth' mindset.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset leads us to believe our basic skills and qualities are more or less set from birth and there is not a lot we can do about it.

At Duchy we want to encourage everyone to have a growth mindset, believing that most things can be achieved through hard work, listening to support, practice, and by not giving up when faced with a challenge.

People with growth mindsets know that some people may be particularly talented at certain things but recognise this as just a starting point; even these people need to work hard to improve their talent.

Having a growth mindset helps pupils to achieve more because they have resilience, value practice and are not afraid of a challenge.

At the moment, this is in its early stages but we will be developing this over time and hopefully Growth Mindset will spread across the whole school.