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Duchy of Lancaster

Tuesday 6th February, 2018

February PTFA Meeting              Tuesday February 6th 2:15 and 7:30

  1. Finances
    1. Currently in the bank
    2. Discuss budget for clubs for the rest of the school year, then revisit this summer to revise.
    3. How much we made for bunco and how much dojo pudding cost
  • 8 in meeting attendance, including Chair, Treasurer, Secretary
  • No change in bank account
  • Budget tabled until AGM
  • Made 130 pounds for Bunco. Minus 25 pounds in expenses
  • Spent 36.63 on Dojo pudding
  1. Neon Disco
    1. Volunteers
    2. Ticket sales so far
  • Got volunteers, still need 3 for KS 2 session
  • Ticket sales low, but usually last minute
  • Ice pops, candies purchased.
  1. Dojo Lunches
    1. Dojo pudding party
      1. Cheaper?
      2. More variety
      3. Easier to make sure kids eat their lunch because it’s their routine food
        1. Include fruit? They LOVED the strawberries.
      4. Ideas
        1. Brownie bar?
        2. Ice cream social?
        3. Pancake bar for pancake day? (Feb 13th)
        4. Decorate your own cupcakes
    2. Was supposed to be discussed before dojo lunch previously scheduled for Friday Feb 9th. Was moved up on Friday to Tuesday so we didn’t have time to plan as much as we would have liked.
  • Pudding went well. Far cheaper than the lunch. Much less wastage. Brownies, whipped cream, sprinkles, fruit, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, ice cream


  • Next Dojo lunch will be end of March
  1. Bingo
    1. I need to email the Methwold times and the Feltwell times with an advertisement.
      1. When is Methwold cut off?
    2. Prizes
    3. Prices
      1. Per book?
      2. Entry fee?
    4. Bingo number caller person?
    5. 50/50 game at the end
      1. One card
      2. Paid at half time
      3. 50 percent of money in the pot from that sale goes to winner, other 50 percent goes to PTA.
    6. Volunteers
    7. What am I missing?
    8. How many tables/chairs do I need to put out?


  • Need to print 20 posters to put up around the communities.
  • Need cheque for hall rental of 40 pounds
  • Promote by 14th Feb in magazines
  • Selling books of 10 games of 6 cards for 7 pounds each.
  • Play 5 games then interval then 5 games then 50/50 game at the end
  • Prizes for 1 line, 2 lines, and bingo for each game.
  • 50/50 game at the end of the night for 18 and over only. Game sold separately upon entry
  • Pre-sale tickets for books to collect on the night or buy games at the door
  • Need to confirm caller, but is tentatively booked
  • Need at least 6 volunteers for the night
  • Bake sale, snacks, sodas, coffee/tea, AND Katy is getting a TENS license for beer and wine to sell.
  • NO entry fee
  • Doors open at 7, eyes down at 730
  1. Clubs
    1. Schedule
    2. Weekly activity
    3. Volunteer schedule/sign up
    4. Sign up sheets
      1. Number of children per session
    5. Cost per session
  • Make permission slip
  • Bi-weekly due to number of volunteers needed
  • Katy is going to source coasters
  • Volunteer sign up sheet
  • Student sign up sheet
  • Will see what the cost is as we go along during this trial period