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Duchy of Lancaster

Rabbits Class

Our Learning Challenge this half term – ‘Destination Outer Space!’          

Communication and Language 

Speaking and listening:

Answer and ask how and why questions (e.g. How could you make your tower stronger, What would happen if you change the slope of the car ramp? Why does ice melt? and other questions linked to our Learning Challenge).

Physical Development
We will be learning to:

Moving & handling

• Improve ball skills and practice negotiating space

• Improve our cutting skills and further develop hand control

Health and self care

• Understand the importance of exercise and healthy diet

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

       We will be learning to:

  • Talk about what we need to get better at
  • Describe ourselves in a positive way and talk about what we are good at
  • Learn about our school values: Creativity


       We will be learning to:

  • hear and say the sounds that letters make (Jolly Phonics)

  • explore books in our classroom and library and talk about the content and the pictures

  • to begin to segment the sounds in simple words and blend them

  • to be aware of rhyme and alliteration

  • use our pre-writing skills

  • to begin to write letters to match their spoken sound


We will be learning to:

  • Correctly form and recognise numbers up to 20
  • Continue to count objects accurately to 10/20 and beyond
  • Add and subtract two single digit numbers
  • Start to record their mathematical thinking
Shape, Space and Measures:
  •  Use everyday language to talk about time, money and siz

Understanding the World

             We will be learning to:

The World:
  • Talk about features of their environment and seasonal changes relating to winter
  • People and Communities:
  • Talk about celebrations in our own families
  • Recognise similarities and differences between ourselves and others
  • Technology:
  • Use a variety of programs on the computer

 Expressive Arts and Design

We will be learning to:

  • Experiment with colour and design.
  • Sing songs and play percussion instruments linked to Chinese New Year
  • Use our imagination in the role play areas and with our small world toys
  • Move creatively responding to the stimulus of Chinese music and percussion for a dragon dance