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Duchy of Lancaster

Badgers Class


Our learning challenge question this half term is ‘What is hidden in the shadows?’ Badgers have loved the timeless classic ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and will continue to push past the fur coats in order to visit Narnia. They have unfinished business there – turning their predictions as to what will happen next into a playscript; examining the suggestion that there are close links between the book and the Bible; and learning debating skills to question, ‘The film is better than the book’.

Using the book and various animations as inspiration, the children will draft, edit and complete a short narrative which will be entered into next years ‘BBC Radio 2 500 words’ competition.

History: We begin the half term by going back in time and will visit the ancient civilisation of The Shang Dynasty of China. Here the children will explore their social set-up, examine the archaeological finds and investigate the social hierarchy.

Science: Of course, there would be no shadows without light and that is exactly what we will be studying this half term. We will be investigating how we see, how light travels and what colours light is made up from.


Art/DT: There are close links between Art and Science within this project, as we will be working with light and shadows. As an extension of our study of Chinese culture and history, the children will explore the origins of the Chinese zodiac, produce a shadow puppet of one of the animals and put on a show in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Maths: This half term, we shall be covering; calculation – order of operations; measurement – area, perimeter and angles; proportionality – ratio; geometry – 2D & 3D shape and volume; and statistics – pie charts.

Tiny Tycoons, our Year 6 Maths group, have had a successful term so far. They have turned their £20 into £330, and are currently planning and costing their next money-making scheme.