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Duchy of Lancaster

2014-15 PE & Sports Funding

Area of Focus                                  
Funding Use
Number of children
Hire Specialists to work alongside
To develop skills in PE taughtby professionals with specific skills.
Dance classes
Norwich community sports coach
Children develop specific
Skills in dance and multi skills.
Establish Change 4 Life type Clubs
To allow opportunities in sport that may not be available otherwise.
After school sports club                            
After school archery club
CPD in PE/Sport
Develop leadership skills for sustainable PE in school
To allow a lead in PE
Training HLTA-PE lead
PE Coordinator role
Run Competitions or Activities which increase participation
To allow children to participate in team activities outside of school.
Sports competitions, transport and support.
Buy Quality Assured CPD / Materials
To ensure appropriate equipment provided in lessons
PE Equipment
Second part of funding
TOTAL for 2014-15