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Duchy of Lancaster

Squirrels  Class

Welcome back. I hope everyone has had a good Easter break and is ready for the final term of this academic year!

This term sees us travel right back in time as we look to answer the question “Pre-historic Britain-was it just a bunch of cavemen?”

We will be exploring life in the pre-historic times and the huge advances made in technology from the stone age, through the bronze age, to the iron age. As part of this, we will be looking at settlements, weaponry, trade and food, with a close study of both Stonehenge and Skara Brae.

Our English focus will be on diary entries and character/setting descriptions, during which we will use our talk for writing process to help us develop as writers. My challenge to all of Squirrels is to keep a diary each week-Can you pack it with detail? Build in your opinions and feelings? Can you make it funny?

Maths, this term, will be focusing on measurement, time telling and data presentation and interpretation. Any opportunity you can provide them with time telling would be of great benefit as this is a very tricky skill to master.